We’re Under Way

This being Latin America, players go for a different kind of card protector here.


There were 140 entrants today, and after two-and-a-half hours, 136 were left, with the average chip stack being a little under 11,000 from the starting size of 10,000. Our Dutch friend, Patrick, in short-sleeved shirt and sunglasses below, had just under 30,000 and was clear chip leader at his table and was one of the early leaders of the tournament. It helps to flop top full house and get paid, and it helps too to have AK on an ace-high board and for an opponent to go all-in with A7.


We all make mistakes; I hope my only one is that I reported that the casino carpets were yellow-brown, when in fact that’s the colour of the walls. (The carpets are a defiantly dull green.) Tomorrow’s field looks to be a bigger, and tougher, proposition than today’s: most of the name pros, Hachem, Brenes, Rousso, et al, are playing their Day 1s tomorrow. And oh how we would all love to be sitting at Boris Becker’s table. Nattily dressed in a black suit and white-blond hair that looks sort of like crystal, he has been resolutely and, after a while, a little depressedly, giving his chips away.


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