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The Mad Yank

‘The Mad Yank’ was an irritating feature of poker rooms in London about five or six years ago. He had been in the US military, he said, a submarine officer, but he said a lot of things, he seldom shut up, high-pitched, often shouting, with an opinion on everything, almost all of which I disagreed […]

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Big Fucker at the Golden Nugget

If the Empire, in Leicester Square, is the closest we get to a Vegas Strip kind of cardroom, then the Golden Nugget on Shaftesbury Avenue is strictly Vegas downtown, Fremont Street. It’s a small casino, and it feels local, almost friendly. The game I was in though was becoming serious. ‘Someone looking at me would […]

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Waiting for the marines

A friend was in the Academy Club last week. She met a nice man named Patrick O’Connor who was wildly enthusiastic about the book. Turned out he was reviewing it for the TLS. Then, a couple of days later, he died. I’m sure he was a very nice man and if I’d have known him […]

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Farewell to Argentina

In Buenos Aires there are many wild cats, which seem to lead quietly contented lives, supported by the food scraps provided by tender-hearted matrons. In Mar del Plata, wild dogs share the streets and parks and shadows. They appear to live in a parallel world, accepting food when it is offered, but I never saw […]

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All-in and Out

55 versus AQ. Opponent hits a straight on the river. Taxi to the airport, please.

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Alive but Crippled

Day 1B has just finished; there are 35 survivors from the starting field of 151. I’m one of them, but with about half the average stack. No one likes a bad beat story, but all the same this is my blog and you’re going to get one. A couple of hours ago, I was cruising […]

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Getting Ready for Day 1B

The morning goes like this: breakfast in the hotel buffet, then a walk along the seafront and back to the hotel — narrowly avoiding Jack from near Sacramento, whose blustery attempts to bolster his fragile self-esteem are becoming rather wearing — then a shit and a shower (excuse me if this is more than you […]

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Other People’s TV

There’s a rather charming game show on television here where contestants stand on a high platform in tight yellow leisure wear and endure the ordeal of holding a tray of drinks, with the aim of being the last person standing. When that’s finally over, we cut to the studio where girls in bikinis take it […]

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We’re Under Way

This being Latin America, players go for a different kind of card protector here. There were 140 entrants today, and after two-and-a-half hours, 136 were left, with the average chip stack being a little under 11,000 from the starting size of 10,000. Our Dutch friend, Patrick, in short-sleeved shirt and sunglasses below, had just under […]

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Day 1A About to Start

At the PokerStars welcome party in the Gran Provincia Hotel in Mar del Plata (tango dancers, buffet, well-stocked bar, speeches from dignitaries, or so I supposed) I fell into conversation with Jack, who’s from somewhere near Sacramento. Being surrounded by groups of vaguely autistic, testosterone-loaded, poker-playing lads is preferable when they’re doing their stuff in […]

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